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... YOUR Space & so much more!


Spritz! as a word has a German heritage. 

It translates directly to "an act or an instance of squirting or spraying in quick short bursts."

Well, you decide what you wanna squirt at SPRITZ! 😈

Spritz! is for sure not your typical Event location. 

This Venue will not be very suitable for straight people's weddings - sorry. 


Spritz! is an event hall that offers a unique and versatile space for any gay event. Our venue can be customized to fit any theme or occasion.

San Francisco gets what it so much deserves: a new Gay Events Location that is more than just a safe place for us to mingle. 


It's first and foremost a Club where you can enjoy your sexuality, live your fantasies, dance enjoy fucking good music, and breed (or get bred). 

You can rent the Space for your Gay Event, or use our multiple settings for creating your Content - for your V-logg with our beautiful backgrounds or use it for any Fan site stream dreams.

Be aware: It is not a Bar - so Alcohol might only be served on special occasions when the Licence is approved for the event.



Talk to us - we can make it all happen!

Dress Code
We want you to feel comfortable and express yourself at Spritz! 
That can be from naked to fully dressed and styled!

Our general dress code is casual, but we ask that you avoid wearing any offensive or discriminatory clothing.

Events might have their own rules about Dress Codes - so look before you join us!

There is a paid parking spot right at the building - it closes at midnight most days and the space is limited.

Please carpool or use public transport or ride-sharing services if possible.
Coat Check

At most events, there will be a coat check service for our guests.
Book Your Event

Ready to book your event at Spritz!?
Contact us to schedule a tour and learn more about our packages and services.


181 Eddy Street,
San Francisco, USA

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